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Cake, Capitalism, and the Senators

I went to my first NHL game in Canada just before Christmas. It was quite an experience. I came away with the idea that this activity, going to Scotiabank place, a beautiful facility full of excited fans (many of them groups of friends or whole families) there to see the game,  was something like a big, beautiful, delicious cake -- something attractive and delicious to people, and actually quite necessary to sustain people over the long Canadian winter. I see this cake as a Capitalist cake too, where the profit- making motive looks for ways to draw in fans of every socio-economic level, finding all possible ways to part them from their cash.


Although today's China is in many ways also driven by a profit motive, China has not yet replicated this use of major sporting events to generate the level of cash or fan-devotion, as I saw at my first Senators game.  It seems sporting events in North America are hugely popular, therefore constitute a real market -- hard to know when this will also be the case in China. I think this is closely linked to the average person's quality of life, specifically their ability to see value in physical exercise, and therefore get interested in professional- level sports. Right now in China, most people don't have the idea that personal exercise is valuable, or that making time for this is even possible, with earning a living and getting food on the table coming first. For me, probably one Senators game a year is enough (too much excitement for me!), but a very interesting experience this time with the bonus of a winning Senators goal in OT!

Next blog, reflections as a new resident of Canada on my nine week adventure to obtain an Ontario driver's licence...:)

New Beginning

It's now three and a half months since my arrival in Canada. My English level is still just so-so (my lovely wife Rachael, for now, translates my thoughts for me on this blog). So, this blog will be my platform to communicate with people in my new environment. I hope to record my thoughts and impressions as I settle into my new country, as an artist and as a regular person, coming from big-city China to clean, fresh-air but empty Ottawa. It's very different here. 

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